We are open for business

We are open for business! In fact, we’ve never closed but it’s understandable that other things have been on people’s minds.

In March and April we had a huge surge in enquiries from people who felt worried about the upcoming Covid-19 pandemic. (As I type that, it seems so, so long ago. Now we’re in the middle of June and it seems a world away.)

When life was ‘normal’, clients would always prefer us to speak to them at home or at their work. They didn’t need to take time of work and come to our offices.

However, Covid changed all that. Every legal services provider we know suddenly had to find ways of helping clients whilst ensuring that no lockdown rules were breached, and protecting clients (and to be honest, ourselves) from the possibility of infection.

It’s easy to think that signing a Will is a simple process – after all, how difficult could it be for a person to sign one?

Well, the answer isn’t as simple – the law sets very exacting requirements for how a Will is signed. And most importantly, if those requirements aren’t met, the Will could be invalid.

If a Will is invalidated, then the person dies intestate, or a previously written Will applies. So, getting the signing exactly right at law is one of the most important parts of any Will process.

Naturally enough, if we couldn’t have been with you to see you sign a Will correctly, there was a risk it could go badly wrong.

For your peace of mind, we now meet you online to supervise you signing your documents. We can use whatever system works for you. We use Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom.

Contact us for more details of our new-normal way of working. For information about us and how we work here

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