Challenging a Will or Intestacy

Does the Will of a deceased loved one do something very different from what you would have expected? For example, does it leave an inheritance to an entirely unexpected beneficiary?

Whilst the law allows us to leave what we own to whoever we choose – including excluding someone from benefitting – sometimes on the face of it a Will of a deceased loved one might just not ‘feel’ right.

  • There may be a suspicion that the deceased might have been surrounded by people who unduly influenced them into leaving an inheritance to an unexpected beneficiary.
  • Maybe there is concern that the deceased never wrote that Will – is there a possibility someone else might have? Or they never had the mental capacity to have legal authority to sign it?
  • Did the deceased know what they were actually signing?

There are a number of avenues to explore when there are concerns about a deceased’s Will not looking right. However, it’s important to stress that such investigations require a very specific set of specialist skills to understand what might have happened.

We can help with an initial appraisal of your grievance. If you decide to proceed we will put you in touch with a case manager within one of our specialist partners, to take your case forward.

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