A New Income Stream For You – Our Probate Referral Service

Our probate referral service enables you to obtain incremental income, even if your client dies. Simply contact us with details of the deceased and their executors. We will work with you and the family to administer the estate in strict accordance with the deceased's Will. 

In our business lives we often hear of our clients dying.

Worst still is the difficulty now faced with by the family of your client in knowing what to do next, on top of the trauma of losing a loved one.

Although that in itself is sad, the loss of a client inevitably leads to a loss of income. But that doesn't have to be the case. There is a way you can further help your clients' loved ones, by supporting them through dealing with the deceased's affairs.

Using our probate referral service, we can help them to wind up the estate, and where they owned a business, help with passing on or closing that business.

The benefit to you? 

  • Not only have you provided support to the surviving family members of your deceased client, but,
  • By contacting us, should we be instructed to administer the deceased's estate, referral fees are payable directly to you.
  • Not only that, but inevitably family members receive inheritances from the deceased - inevitably they may need investment or financial advice on how to manage their new found wealth. You have secured further clients from within the family.
  • Many of our existing customers are already benefitting from referring a client to us, earning thousands of pounds in extra income.

Phoenix Wills & Probate provides Will writing, estate planning and power of attorney services to owners of many companies. Ideally we have already written the Will for your client, but it's not essential. We can even administer estates where the deceased had no Will.

How our probate referral service works

If you refer the executors of a deceased client to us, we arrange to meet with them, wherever they live in England and Wales. We:

  • Make a complete, accurate assessment of the deceased's financial circumstances, and identity their tax position at death.
  • Our solicitors will complete and submit to HMRC inheritance tax forms.
  • Apply for the grant of probate.
  • Gather in the deceased's assets.
  • Pay debts and taxes.
  • Distribute the inheritances to the beneficiaries in the deceased's Will, or if they died without a Will, distribute according to the laws of intestacy.
  • Deal with any and every complexity necessary to administer the estate.

What to do next

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your business and open up new income streams for you.