Our service levels

We aim to be competitively priced and routinely benchmark our services against other providers.

  • We will provide completed draft documents to you within TEN working days (but our internal service level aims to be five working days).

  • If you or your client need minor amendments we can provide those free of charge. Of course, if changes need more substantial work – such as a new series of gifts, wholesale changes to the residue clauses or inclusion of trust work then these naturally will become chargeable.

  • If we’ve incorrectly interpreted your client’s instructions or simply made a mistake these will be corrected free of charge with no fuss. Simple – it’s our error to make right.

  • Once approved by you and your clients, we will send hard copies of the documents (if this is the service you have requested) to you by first class post.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once we have an ongoing working relationship with you, we do NOT take payment until the work has been drafted.

What if my case is urgent?

Sometimes there is a need a fast turnaround – typical examples are sudden illness, hospitalization and of course the client wanting to have some security before they go on holiday (it’s always a last minute afterthought – we understand this!).

We also provide an urgent case service and have been able to produce documents within two hours of receiving instructions

How do we draft your documents?

We do not use software – whilst that is perfectly good enough for ‘standard’ Wills, most of our work caters for high-end Will writing. It’s often easier to write from our extensive precedent library rather than adapting a standard software generated Will.

We use our expertise to craft elegantly written documents in plain English, using well established precedent sets.