Privacy Policy – Phoenix Wills & Probate

  1. Introduction
    • This privacy policy regards the use of and data gathered on, owned by Later Life Living Limited.
    • It governs the privacy of all users and visitors.
    • This policy covers various areas where user privacy is concerned. It outlines the responsibilities and prerequisites of the User, the Website and Later Life Living Ltd as a company.
    • It covers the way in which we process, store and protect user’s data and information.
  2. – The Website
    • We take a proactive approach to our user’s privacy and ensure the necessary steps are adopted to safeguard the privacy of users, throughout their experience on our website. Our website complies with all UK governing law and requirements for user privacy.
  3. Use of Cookies
    • The Loving Life After 50 website uses cookies to better our users experience on the site. We operate a cookie control system, which enables the user upon their first visit to our website, to either allow or refuse the use of cookies on their device. This complies with current legislation regarding the use of cookies by websites, and the requirement to obtain explicit consent from the user, before we use or install cookies on a user’s device.
    • For more information about how we use cookies and how you can disable or delete cookies please refer to our Cookies Policy.
    • Our users are advised that if they would like to deny the use and storage of cookies from the Loving Life After 50 website to their device. They should configure their web browser’s security settings, to block cookies from our website.
    • For our user’s information Loving Life After 50 may use tracking software provided by Google Analytics to monitor our visitors, and better understand how they use our website. For more information regarding Google’s Privacy Policy please refer to
  4. Communication
    • Users contacting our website directly, or using services on the website to contact other users, do so at their own discretion. Any personal details provided by the user, are offered at their own risk.
    • Loving Life After 50 securely store user’s data on a confidential basis, until a time where it is no longer required, or has no use. As per the Data Protection Act 1998. Unless the User has allowed for their data to be used for marketing and promotion purposes, by our trusted third parties. (this option is available upon sign-up, and users can opt-out or change their preferences at any point after sign-up by contacting
    • Every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure safe and secure contact form submissions. However, users are advised using such contact methods do so at their own risk.
    • Loving Life After 50 uses information submitted to us, to provide our users with further information regarding the latest services and tools available on the site. Or to assist users in answering submitted queries and responding to feedback. This includes using details to subscribe our users to our email newsletter. (this option is available upon sign-up, and users can opt-out or change their preferences at any point after sign-up by contacting
    • We advise our users to take caution before sharing their contact or personal information with other users on the Loving Life After 50 website. While every reasonable effort is taken by Loving Life After 50 to protect our user’s privacy. Users are responsible for any information they supply to others using methods provided or supported by Loving Life After 50.
  5. Our Email Newsletter
    • Our website manages an email newsletter program. It is used to inform our members about new services, tools and updates regarding the Loving Life After 50 website. Users may subscribe to this upon sign-up to the website at their discretion, and may change their preferences at any point thereafter. Either through their User dashboard, or by emailing
    • Our email newsletter complies with UK Spam Laws as detailed in the ‘The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003’ which can be found at: []
    • All personal details relating to subscriptions are held securely and in accordance with the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’
    • No personal details are passed to third parties, or shared with other organisations or individuals outside of Loving Life After 50. Unless the user has also indicated that they would like to receive communications from any of our trusted third parties. Users who chose this option do so at their own discretion and can opt-out or change their preferences at any point.
    • Users who require a copy of information/data held by Loving Life After 50 in relation to the User, may be required to pay a small administration fee in advance of data release. And should make all requests for such information to Loving Life After 50 in writing (electronic communication will not be accepted). Users should direct their request to; Loving Life After 50, 9 Ingot Drive, Clay Cross, Derbyshire, S45 9GL.
    • Our email newsletter or any other email marketing campaign in operation may contain tracking provisions within the correspondence. Subscriber information may be tracked and stored for later analysis.
    • Such data may include; read receipts, forwarding of correspondence, link clicks and frequency of activity. Information gathered is for the sole use of Loving Life After 50 and shall be stored in accordance with the Data Protect Act 1998.
  6. External Links
    • Although every effort is made to ensure that external links are safe and relevant for the user. Loving Life After 50 advises users that it can take no responsibility for their privacy once they navigate away from the Loving Life After 50 website.
    • Nor can we provide any kind of quality assurance for links we publish.
    • Users should refer to the individual privacy policy of the website attached to the link for further details
  7. Advertisements
    • Our website may contain including but not limited to; sponsored links and listings, advertisements and advertorials. Loving Life After 50 may use cookies to record and analyse users’ behaviour.
    • Users should refer to our cookies policy for further information about Loving Life After 50s use of cookies.
  8. Social Media
    • Use of any kind of social media platforms that our website and our users participate on, are subject to each social media platform’s privacy policy respectively.
    • Users are advised that using our website to link to social media platforms is done so at the users own discretion. And must refer to that websites individual privacy and cookies policy for further information and guidance.
    • Loving Life After 50 and our users may sometimes share shortened social media links. An example [] this is to reduce lengthy URLs. Our users are advised to take caution and good judgement before clicking any shortened URL/weblink/social media links. Despite the best efforts of social media platforms, they are often prone to spam.
  9. Law and Regulation
    • Data Protection Act 1998
    • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003