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Trust disputes can happen in many ways:

  • There may be a dispute between executors or trustees, who can’t agree on a course of action.
  • Concerns by beneficiaries that appointed professional trustees are not acting appropriately.
  • The need to remove an executor, trustee or personal representative.
  • The trust itself may be problematic and not provide trustees with the authority they need to make appropriate decisions.
  • Disputes between beneficiaries and their trustees.
  • Bringing a claim of negligence or even fraud against executors, trustees or personal representatives by beneficiaries.

Disputes with Attorneys can occur because:

  • There may be a concern an Attorney has not acted in the Donor’s best interest
  • There may be a dispute between Attorneys, especially if they have been appointed jointly.

When you contact us to discuss your story, we will listen to your concerns and advise on the options you might have. If you decide to proceed we will put you in touch with a case manager within one of our specialist partners, to take your case forward.

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