Your Will might need updating – here’s why

Could your Will be out of date? Changes in your family, your health and your assets might mean your Will needs reviewing.

Congratulations on having done what, depending on your age, only 30% of the population have done – got a Will in place. But…..

updating your WillOK - the image states "last Will" but did you know you can change your Will whenever you want? And as many times as you want? So, it's worth having a look and checking whether it's still up to date?

We don't think about what might have happened since we made our original Will. In some cases we've known clients who signed decades ago and now they're older the Will is completely out of date.

So, here are a few things to check:


  • Have there been any financial or life changes since it was written?
  • Have you entered into a new relationship since your Will was written?
  • Are there any new children, or grandchildren to take into account now?
  • Are your concerns different now - for example what about having to fund care in the future?

Better to be safe than sorry. Contact us for a chat about your current Will.

And so you know, if after talking to us, your current planning and Will is perfect for your circumstances, we will leave it at that – no pressure selling or scare tactics.