About Attorney disputes

Attorneys are people appointed by someone under a power of attorney to take care of their financial affairs or their welfare. There are a number of documents that can appoint Attorneys. For example:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorneys
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Power of Attorney for business purposes.

The powers granted to Attorneys can be many and varied, but they can also be restricted in what they can and can’t do. However, the overriding feature of any power of Attorney is that those selected to act must do so according to law, and in the donor’s best interests.

Of course, if there is concern over the behaviour of the Attorneys acting criminally, the first point of contact should the relevant authority.

Where an Attorney is vulnerable, then safeguarding provisions must be made immediately.

Where the issue is more about a dispute between Attorneys, or between the donor and Attorneys, then such issues are often dealt with best firstly through mediation.

Mediation is the cheapest and most efficient method of resolving disputes, and any decisions agreed then become binding on all parties.

Where the dispute is not resolvable through mediation, then the next stage is a more formal approach.

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