Benefits of working with Phoenix Wills & Probate

There are many benefits of working with Phoenix Wills & Probate. We understand how difficult it is to deal with the financial, tax and legal issues surrounding the death of a loved one. We know it can be really challenging and it can bring anxiety & stress at a time of great sadness.

We also know it can be difficult and time consuming to have to visit the office of a solicitor. Which is why our service is particularly helpful. Although you’ll always be welcome, you don’t need to come to our office – we come to see you at a place and time convenient to you. Or we can simply meet using livestream visual technology, such as Zoom.

Did you know – you don’t need a solicitor

We’re not solicitors – we’re specialists. Not all solicitors specialise in probate.

To explain, if you have a medical condition you would go to see your doctor. Most doctors are GPs – general practitioners. If your GP needed more expertise to deal with your issue, he would refer you to see a specialist.

And the same is true of solicitors – most high street solicitors are the general practitioners of the legal world. They do not specialise in probate.

Phoenix Wills & Probate have taken specialist examinations in estate planning and attended continued professional development in probate.

As specialists we won’t talk technical jargon to you. We’re friendly and highly experienced. We see ourselves as supporting you through the process of administering the deceased’s estate.

And because we are a small specialist company we’re able to charge lower fees than most companies. We don’t charge a percentage of the estate – we know many high street solicitors and banks can charge up to and even in excess of 6% of the total value of the estate.

That can be quite a high charge for what might turn out to be not a great deal of work!

We’re confident our fixed fees are highly competitive and the service we provide is excellent too.