Probate services

Sorting out someone’s affairs when they die can be a nightmare – it’s a huge responsibility and there’s usually so much to do at a time when you’re grieving

The job of sorting out someone’s estate falls to the person named as an executor in the deceased’s Will. Or, if someone has died without a Will – died intestate – it falls to whoever the law nominates within the deceased’s family.

When dealing with someone's estate it's important to find the Will, as this dictates who the assets of the deceased will be distributed and how much each is to inherit.

If there is no Will in place then assets are distributed according to the laws of intestacy. There is a strict order as to who in the family gets what, and it can't be deviated from. If there is no Will in place you can find out who is entitled to inherit using this guide from HMRC.

What do executors actually do? Well, there’s the funeral to arrange, ensure the assets of the deceased are protected from theft, sort out family disputes, arrange for the assets of the deceased to be collected, debts to be paid. Sometimes a house needs to be sold.

Oh, and there’s the inheritance tax forms which need to be completed and sent to HMRC. And arranging for the grant of probate.

And all of that needs to be done before the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Phoenix Wills and Probate can help you through this process by acting in your place. We work with Premier Solicitors who carry out the administration of the deceased’s estate.

If you have suffered a loss then contact us to discuss how we can help. We will provide you with the information you need to decide how best for you to deal with administering the estate.