Our Drafting Services

Our business provides document drafting services for the private client profession. We have contracts with financial advisers, independent Will writers and act as ‘overflow’ drafting for Will writing companies, solicitors and accountants.

We provide the following services:

Will drafting

We draft Wills from basic/simple Wills through to complex IPDI, discretionary trust and hybrid trusts for your clients

We provide either an electronic document service – we will send your completed documents by email – or a bound printed document service, in your own branding.

The choice is yours.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

We write both Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare Powers of Attorney

We can also register your client’s LPAs, regardless of whether we have written them or they have been drafted by someone else.

If written by someone else, we will review the documents to ensure they are capable of being registered and advise you if there are any problems.

Estate administration – when a client has died

We can provide estate administration services should one of your clients die. We do this by meeting with you and the personal representatives of the deceased to complete a comprehensive fact find, and then work with our partners to administer the estate of the deceased from start to finish.

As a thank you, we provide a referral fee to the company who passed on the case details to us. See our separate page on this important and valuable income stream.

Supporting documentation and services

We also provide severance of tenancy documentation

One important point – YOU are our customer and we will never contact your client unless you expressly require us to do so, and under no circumstances will use or release your clients’ contact details to third parties.